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Prash is an independent media lawyer, crisis management advisor and media consultant, working for TV, film and digital clients in

London & Sydney.


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Prash is a programme maker’s ally with a prodigious understanding of the rules and the uncanny knack of making them work for you and against the rule makers. His driven and principled expertise will protect the work from interference, if necessary even from those who commissioned it!

Chris Morris
Writer, Director and Satirist

Prash has been a brilliant and essential colleague. His work at Channel 4 epitomised the best of its public service work – he has great rigour combined with bravery, and a deep understanding of  programme-makers, filmmakers and their ambitions. He’s wonderful to work with, wise and extremely experienced. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Tessa Ross
CEO House Productions

Prash is a superb legal adviser for television programme-makers and broadcasters. During the ten years I have worked with him, he has successfully advised me and my group of companies on a series of incredibly sensitive and legally complex programmes.

Producers enjoy seeking his expertise because he is an `enabler ‘ who understands the pressures of programme making and never  loses his equanimity while navigating the legal and compliance minefields to get programmes on air safely. On the few occasions that there has been an attempt to bring an action after transmission, Prash has been robust in his defence of the programme and, in my experience, completely successful.

Fiona Stourton 
Creative Director TV and Radio Zinc Media
Blakeway, Brook Lapping and Films of Record

I've worked with lots of lawyers over the years but never anyone quite as engaging, authoritative and calm as Prash. He's not just the wise counsel you need in a crisis but the legal right hand man you can lean on day to day. I feel lucky to have worked with him, he's truly five star.

Jay Hunt
Chief Creative Officer
Channel 4

I remain grateful that Prash was the lawyer Channel 4 assigned to me on a series of sensitive projects working in criminalised or vulnerable communities. (Tina Goes Shopping, Tina Takes a Break, The Wet House, 1 Day, One Mile Away) He’s always been an enabler making every effort to support my vision. He offered very clear, specific guidance at the start of each project, to safeguard the integrity of the film, keep my contributors safe and protect me. He’s not a scaremonger and backs up his advice with examples from the real world. I have been able to help many young filmmakers by passing on his wisdom.

Penny Woolcock
Writer and Director

I’ve been making factually-based dramas for Channel 4 since 2002 and, throughout that time, Prash has been responsible for the legaling of those programmes.  He is a tough, critical friend of challenging programme-making and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a constructive and responsible hand on the legal tiller, under any circumstances.

The path to transmission for a factual programme likely to raise hackles is fraught with difficulties.   To navigate this road, one needs a brave and canny lawyer with a thorough knowledge of case law.  Prash is that person.

Prash will be a dreadfully hard act to follow.  A generation of us owe him, in large measure, our reputations as ‘controversial' programme-makers.  He has made what we do possible and kept us safe in the process.  

Peter Kosminsky
Writer and Director

We have worked with Prash on various TV shows including Da Ali G Show, the Brass Eye Special and the Inbetweeners for nearly twenty years.

We don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that an enormous amount of the ground-breaking comedy created in the UK, especially by Channel 4, simply would not have happened without Prash.  His encyclopaedic knowledge of legal issues, his sense of humour, and his willingness to embrace calculated risk created an atmosphere of fun experimentation that simply did not exist at any other broadcaster in the UK, and probably in the world. When the history of British comedy is written if Prash doesn’t feature in the ‘Satire’ chapter at least, it will be a travesty. 

Quite apart from his skill, Prash is an extraordinarily fun and nice person.  He’s decent and honest and when he says something that you might not want to hear, you listen and respect his judgement because he’s so reasonable and expansive in his ideas for everything else.

Overall we can think of few people that we can recommend without hesitation and without caveat but Prash is one of them.  We have no doubt that without his practical and creative assistance to so many people, the creative landscape of the UK would have been much less interesting, and we hope to continue working with him in the future.

Iain Morris and Damon Beesley
Creators of The Inbetweeners
Writers and Directors

Like many filmmakers, I had the privilege and honour of working with Prash over the course of many years and my films benefited immensely from his legal counsel, wisdom and eminently practical guidance and advice. But unlike most filmmakers - I also owe my life to Prash's invaluable skills and talents. While I was on assignment for Channel 4 in 2008, I was kidnapped by the Taliban and held hostage for three months. During this time Prash was not only involved in the extremely complicated and difficult task of negotiating my release, he also had to handle all talks with the British Government, Counter Terrorism police and other international agencies and governments. It was a hugely complicated and extremely stressful undertaking. But needless to say - Prash successfully helped secure my release and brought me home safely.  

Sean Langan
Documentary Filmmaker

As a major supplier of programnmes to Channel 4, it has been a huge comfort over the years to know Prash was in charge of the network’s legal affairs.  I always felt he was there to protect and support the independent producers as much as the channel.  When in 2008 our very first programme as a new start-up company ended up in a High Court defamation case, Prash backed us to the hilt and made the problem go away.  When it comes to complex legal and ethical issues, his creative and strategic thinking is second to none.  In a crisis, he has an unusually calm and thoughtful approach and Channel 4 and its suppliers will miss him enormously when he leaves to become a consultant.  His new clients, however, will benefit from working with a media lawyer at the top of his game.  

Stephen Lambert
CEO Studio Lambert